Monday, November 22, 2010

Tails #1, Houdini

  Someone asked me the other day why I have the word, ‘Tails’ in the name of my blog.  I answered, “I am planning to write about my animals that I and my family have had over the years.”
  So I guess this is it, my first attempt to write about my dogs, cats, mice, rats, ants, rabbits, and snakes. (Although do snakes really have tails.) They look like they should but were would it start. Well, anyway that is where I am going to start.

  I had a snake. It was a boa-constrictor and it loved mice.  I had bought him when he was already an adult, from a guy that loved snakes. He wasn’t very nice and I only had him for a few weeks, so I never had the opportunely to feed him the mouse I bought him and the only time that I offered him the mouse he turn his nose, (So again do snakes have noses).
  It fact, had that little mouse months after that snake disappeared.  It turned out that my friend got rid of that snake because of fact he was an escape artist. To this day I have no idea how ‘Houdini’ got out. That is what he was named, before he ended up in my care. (In hind sight, that was probably my first clue.)
  I came home one day and the snake had simply disappeared from his in closure. I ended up moving and ‘Fred’ moved into the snakes cage and he lived the rest of his ill fated life out in cage until I released him into the wild, (The back yard of my boarding house)
  About a year later, I went to a friend’s apartment. It was two doors down from the apartment that I had lived in. When I walked by I nodded to the man on the front steps. Later when leaving my friends place, I got into a conversation with the man. It turned out that the snake had come out from behind the water heater one day right in front of his mother. He had to catch all 6 feet of the snake.
  I asked, “What had happened to the snake?”
  “I got him a cage, and he lived in there until one day the snake got out,” he answered.
  “Like Houdini,” I laughed.
  “My mom let him out the slider and I haven’t scene him since.”
  So I would like to think the legend of Houdini continues. He was the only snake that I have ever had and I don’t plan to have anymore.

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