Friday, November 26, 2010

Limousines Northwest

  My mom and dad owed a limousine service, ran by my brother and operated by the whole family. We drove all kinds of people, we even drove famous people.
  I can remember one time when my dad drove a group of rappers on a wine tasting trip. It was a large group of men and just a couple of women, so we used the mini-bus. When he was finished he wrote in his drivers log that everything went smooth.
  My brother and I came in the next day and set about cleaning the mess that was left behind. Along with the empty wine bottles and Mcdonalds bags someone had left their camera behind. It was a nice camera and looked expensive. It was digital and had all the options. We looked at the pictures trying to identify the owner when a nude dancer appeared on the display.
  The picture was taken on the bus traveling down the road. What was most interesting was the fact that my dad’s head was in every photo. At least the back of my fathers head.
  We called my dad and asked, "Did anything special happen while you were on the trip?”
  “No, they behaved," he answered.
  "Did you know that they were stripping in the back of the bus," asked my brother.
  "No, who the boys," he laughed, but I am sure he didn’t think it was all that funny at the time.
  "No the women dad," we laughed answering him at the same time.
  "Really, how do you know?" he asked.
  "We found a camera and you are in the pictures," Lee answered
  “Really,” he answered.
  Exactly, a half hour later, my dad was standing in front of my brother’s desk.
  We found all kinds of items in the limousines, after long nights of partying. Onetime, I made it back to the shop and when I went back to clean the back seat to remove the glasses and straighten up a little.
  I had been know find: tips, extra bottles of alcohol and cameras, as I mentioned before. This time I found a man passed out. He was middle aged and drunk. So I got in next to him. Pushed him once and he groaned.
  "Good you’re not dead," I said aloud. If he had been I am sure I would have been in a lot of trouble.
  "Who are you," I asked.
  He groaned again and said something incoherent.
  "Great," I said, as I rolled him over. I couldn’t leave him here in the shop, inside the car. I needed to get home myself.
  I reached into his back pocket and found his wallet. Something I don't recommend, but I was getting despite, it wasn't like I could just call someone. In this case I was ‘the’ someone. I mean, if a problem like this would arise, I was the company’s problem solver.
  Opening his wallet I found that he was from Yakima, west valley to be exact. I got out and shut the door.
  A few minutes later I found the guys address on the side of a yellow house. It must have taken me a half hour to get him to the door. I leaned him up against the door and rang the door bell. I wasn't even sure I was at the right house until the next day.
  When a man walked into the office looking like he had been hit by a bus.
  “Did one of your divers drop me off last night?" he asked.
  “Hmm," I said, rustling some papers.
  "Well I just wanted to give the guy a little reward."
  "Oh, yeah, out in west valley," I announced. Hey, its just like in the movies, money talks.
  "Thank the driver for his help. I was a little drunk and got into the wrong limousine last night."
  A fact that happened more offend that it is should.
  “My wife called it into the police and had a car run through the parking lot of the night club. They thought I had been rolled. When I turned up in the limo my wife figured out what happened."
  The limo service was both a happy time and a dark time for my family, but it makes for fun stories.

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