Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Good Scout

  Darrel has been making real progress. I am not the only one to see it.  He started his journey in the cub scouts last month. Since then we have found out he has had a lot of problems in school both his school work and socialization skills have needed improvement. He does have a little trouble with socialization; he is an only child and doesn’t have those connections that other kids do, that have a half dozen siblings.
  I grew up with 2 brothers and 3 sisters, numerous foster children and several cousins that frequented my parent’s dinner table. My wife is 7th of 9 children in her family. So we both really don’t know what it is like to grow up in a small family. So what are we doing to improve? We can just start having more children, but that isn’t a really good reason to bring more life into the world.
  W also work with the school, take him to as many birthdays parties as we can, once a week he goes to AWANA, as well as numerous play dates. Jan and I, each day work on his skills in math, reading and writing.  We also have met with the school’s counselor to in list his help in finding Darrel some friends.
  Each week I take him to the Cub Scout meetings and we learn about being better people and how we can help people. When we first came to the Cub Scout he didn’t really like coming.
  I have seen him in action, he is putting his clothes away, and I noticed him helping his mother up of the couch.  Note: he is a third her size but it is good to see that he is trying to be helpful. Each day we quiz him on his math skills and he seems to be catching up with the rest of his class. In an assemble last week he was honored with a Teacher’s Choice award, plus he had a perfect week. (This had only happened a few times in the last year.) He was proud of it and showed it to everyone that came to the door that weekend.
  He needs that kind of encouragement, so he continues to do well; not only on his path in the Cub Scout, but his path through life. So if you are lucky enough to see my son doing something good, let him know it.

  Last week, he stood still for a picture. The picture was taken by a 4 year old little girl that is as techno- savvy as he is in that regard.

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