Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Spaghetti Incident

  How old is this Child in this picture? Post your guesses as comments.
  I as a parent, make the mistake of thinking my 6 year old is older than he is, I make statements, such as, “why wouldn’t you act your age?” What I was really asking is why you don’t act older than you are capable of acting. We want the child that is running around already acting his age to act more like an adult.
   Sometimes we take it for granted that they seem older than they are when we catch them being quiet.
  The other day, my brother reminded me of a trip to Seattle we took with our parents. We went over on one of those trips where we rushed around to the zoo, the aquarium, the space needle, and let's not forget, Pike Place Market. We made the most of our day, but it was soon time to find a restaurant and head back to the motel.
   We went to the spaghetti factory on the Seattle waterfront. It was my mom's favorite place to eat and we always ate there at least once when visiting the city.
   My brother and I we’re exhausted. We sat at our table waiting for the meal for what must have been an hour. The Mariners’ game had just let out and the fans were crowding into the restaurant.
   Once we received our food, Lee and I sat there quietly eating. When my brother in the middle of taking a bite closed his eyes and fell asleep, which would have been okay, if it went for the plate of spaghetti his face fell into.
  I hadn't known that it was an option to sleep in a restaurant, so I closed my eyes and joined him.
  My parents sat there having a quiet meal with two very quiet children for the rest of the evening. They had made the mistake of thinking we could do all activities and have the energy to stay quiet for more than a few minutes without falling asleep.
   When they were finished, my dad lifted Lee and my mom carries me to the door. Dad pays the check and as he is putting his wallet away he felt this warm sensation running down his leg. My older brother wet his pants and his father. I woke up to see my dad's shoe wet from the accident. Dad kept quiet for the most part and slipped back to the motel for a change of clothes.
   So whether my child is acting two or twenty-two, I always try to remember that he is just a child and I really don't want to get peed on.
   The answer to the above question is four years old. No software was used in the making of the photo, we just caught him being quiet and looking older than what he really was.


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