Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Little Ninja

  I can remember when I was six years old and would have a bad dream. I would crawl into to bed with my parents. It seemed back then I was always welcome. When their six, they can never think of a good reason why their parents wouldn’t want them in bed with them.
  I am older and being on the other side of the coin, I assure the reader that I know of a few good reasons right off the top of my head.
  I went into my parents’ room for several reasons. One of those reasons was bad dreams. (Read spiders from October of this blog) I had some real scary ones. I also got cold in my room and had a few other minor reasons for not wanting to stay in bed.
   Well, like I said I’m on the other side of the coin. My son isn't allowed to sleep with us. So he waits for us to go to sleep and turns up in our bed when we awake.
  The other morning I was witness to my little ninja’s performance. It was five something and the room was dark I was still in that fuzzy state of being awake and not awake. I noticed the door open and then close but not all the way. The little ninja had learned over the years not to shut the door, it would only get a response from his mother. He also had learned to turn all the lights out, so they wouldn't wake his mother.
  He paused at the end of the bed waiting to make sure we were asleep. I had begun to wonder, if I had imaged the door opening. When I felt the bed move just a little, the ninja approached.
  I felt him crawl through the darkness and move between myself and my wife. Just as he passed me I reached out and grabbed him, squeezing him into a hug. He did feel cold so I decided to let him off the hook. He got a free pass from dad and slipped under the blankets. After all he did put a lot of thought into this endeavor, plus he learned some wicked ninja skills alone

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  1. Yeah he got some ninja skills that son of ours i hardly even notice anymore when he gets in bed he just there when the alarm goes off. Good thing he a small child or else he never be able to pull it off.