Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Part Five of the Cub Scout Chronicles

  Tonight started like any other Cub Scout night. I got home, dropped my stuff, grabbed child, and headed off to the meeting. Darrel and I were the first to arrive at the church. It was dark inside and no one answered our knock. We stood waiting for a few minutes until someone else showed up. He was getting ‘antsy’ waiting in the dark but found tossing stones at the fountain amusing. 

  It is the first of November and it was dark outside this evening. We stood there keeping ourselves company and I was beginning to worry if the meeting had been cancelled. We waited some more, watching the cars go by on the street. As we waited, I figured out that the worried feeling was from the fact I looked forward to this time each week with my son. I know it is a mixed feeling, because I have to deal with his kicking others, playing table games, and the sound effects coming from his mouth. However, I do enjoy the evening with my son.
  I was relieved when the parking lot filled with cars and someone with a key should up. Inside I felt more comfortable with in the group; my son had made friends with a couple of older scouts. They played with a little football for a few minutes before the meeting began. I watched the little ball being tossed back and forth. I thought about making him stop and come back to the table, but he enjoys himself. I want to make this as fun as possible.
  He needed to learn eight things for his Bobcat badge, and as soon as the meeting started, the Den Master headed to our table and asked Darrel to go through what he has learned. He was the first to pass test along with three others. I can’t convey how proud of him as I was listening to his oral test. He raised his voice to make sure the Den Master heard him. He spoke as clearly as I have every heard him. I mouthed the words that came out of his.
  He passed his test and will get his Bobcat badge at the next Pack meeting.
  We left early because I realized that he seemed too sugared up to sit still. I have to learn the limitation of my six year old, because once he has reached them he just can’t go back. It is funny that the next activity in the Cub Scout book is about getting to know your Family and how they work together.
  I am finding this Cub Scout experience is good for both of us.

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