Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bark at the moon

  Today boys and girls we are going to talk about masks. You all have them, we all wear them. The masks we want others to see us in.
  When my wife and I met I lived in a metal barn. So when we moved from Ellensburg to Vancouver my wife wanted a big say in what kind of place we moved into. We settled for an apartment a few miles east of downtown. We went back a couple of times to make sure that it was the place we wanted to live. They had a big down payment and I didn't want to waste the amount of the down the wrong apartment.
  What I remember the most was that the grass was mowed, yards were edged and the brush was clipped back.
  We moved in and the first night my car was broken in to and people stood outside my bedroom window talking all night.  It was a Thursday night, I remember it because I was laying there in bed thinking don't these people need to go to bed.
  So over the next few weeks we lived in misery. During the day it was beautiful and lovely at night a rock concert. I reported my neighbors to the management and they said they had no idea.
  It occurred to me one night that what happened to all the beer cans that hit the ground. So I decided to set a few cans up, so I could see them from my bed. About 7am I heard a noise outside my bedroom window and there was the maintenance man walking through the bushes picking up all the cans and trash.
  So if he was ordered to pick the trash then the manager knew exactly how bad the situation was at night. They didn't care that we didn't get any asleep; all they cared about was making the place look nice for new respective tenets coming round to look at the complex during the day.
  That is what some people do in their real lives. The put on the facade of a nice person to lore you in and then you find out just how they really are once the sun goes down, you find that they bark at the moon.
  So what do we do with this information? We know how we are. We do the same thing as a defense mechanism. Go into any city and you will run into these people one after another. You can’t talk to anyone without your mask on. You can just be yourself, because yourself is just another facade.
  When you were in school do you remember going up to children and saying, “My name is… Would you like to play?” Try doing that today as an adult and you will get a strange look and they will just walk away.
  We can do our best to become the person we want to be and be the person we ought to be. I hope I haven’t confused the reader, but someone once said, “Treat your neighbor as you wish to be treated.” Be kind to one another. Hold up the lost and say here he is. Use your facade for good and it will all work out in the end.


  1. One of my favorite posts yet James... But I gotta say... that is a HORRIBLE picture! And dude that was MY apartment there! STALKER!! LOL ;p True words though.... A metal barn actually sounds better then that place.... I think I could totally work with that. Plus the rain would sound awesome ;)

  2. I forgot that was your apartment. So you know what I am talking about. That place looked so nice in the daylight, but trashy at night.
    And yes, the barn was better. I built my own cabin inside and put a electric door opener for the 12x12 door. Friends called the BAT cave.