Friday, November 12, 2010

Moon Over Seattle

  A few days ago I talked about my father and how he walked across Yakima to get a car for his family. That wasn't the only time he did something like that.
  There was this time my mom forgot to pack my and brother’s swim suits when we went to Seattle for the weekend. I must have been eight or nine.
  We had paid extra for a hotel with a swimming pool. This was completely out of character for my family. It was a few blocks from the space needle and downtown.
  After we got back from a day of site seeing dad said to get our swimming suits on.
  “No suits,” my mom yelled.
  I remember being upset.
  Dad wouldn't have it and went off looking for a clothing store. We waited three hours until dad came back mad at the fact he couldn't find a store that was open but he was able find a set of white boxer shorts that didn't fit either one of us. Mine had to be pinned to my side but I didn't care, I was going swimming.
  We jumped into the pool and played for a while. My brother stepped out first to the laughter of all the sat around the pool. Dad who had been stewing about his evening looked up with the biggest smile on his face.
  My brother's shorts were now wet and see through. He ran for his towel and left for the room. Soon the laughter stopped and people settled down. I had stopped laughing way before this because I realized at that point, I sported the same shorts.

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