Monday, December 13, 2010

Tail # 4, Oreo, part 1

  It is funny, I place the part 1 in the title before I even started typing. There are some subjects that I know that I can’t complete in a mere 500 words.  Oreo was a dog that was a big part of my life for many years. In 1994, I decided, that I both needed and wanted a dog.  It had been a few years sense Buford had died.
  I took my girlfriend at the time down to the Yakima animal shelter and was surprised at all the animals in need of a home. I strongly suggest picking out a shelter dog, also bring a 20 to 40 pound bag of dog food with you.  It is always needed. Even if you don’t fine a dog it will help with the guilt that you will feel for leaving any of the dogs behind. If you every have gone to a shelter it can wrench at your heart and make you feeling like crying.
  I went back several times before picking a light tan and black dog.  I can remember the barking and the whining of each of those dogs.  The first time I saw Oreo, she was shy and stood back from the bars. I took a few minute to get her to come to the bars. She smelled badly and I must admitted wasn’t my first choice. She whined as I left. In fact I got emotional after that and had to leave. It bothered me to see how many pets were unwanted.
  The next day, I went again this time I brought a 10 pound bag of dog food. There was a sign asking for help from the pubic. It seemed to help my emotional state.  I walked in and the dogs seemed a little quieter. I found out that they had just gotten rid of a few dogs last night. (They hadn’t found home for them, mind you, they just need the room.) I asked how offended did they have to put down an animal. To my surprise the odds of a dog finding a home was near 20 percent.  A pit in my stomach formed.
  I started down the first hallway, determined to find a new friend.  I was tempted to take two and free them but they wouldn’t help matters. I was nearing the end of the last row and there was that little dog. As I approached the cage she rushed over and stood on her hind legs, wagging her tail.
  The guy up front was upset when I brought her into the main office and the tag that had been attached to the cage.
  “You know sir we don’t let you bring them up here until the paperwork is filled out,” he announced.
  I just smiled and stuffed that little stinky dog into my jacket and said, “There, I have a feed hand for the paperwork.”
  He relaxed and when he noticed my determination.
  Truth was I was walking out of there with that little dog, even if for some reason he would have said, “NO! DOG for you!” (Like the soup Nazi, on Sienfeld)
  I had no idea what to name her, all I knew she had picked me. Minutes later, we were off heading home, with the windows open, from the smell.
  Later, I found out that she was white and black not tan and black as advertised. I gave her bath and she came clean. (Truth was I gave her several Baths) She only had a few ticks and 50 or so fleas. But we took care of that.

And of course, to be continued.

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  1. that dog was my husband second wife and she is very badly missed by each and every member of this family.