Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Life, Death and Japanime

  The other night my son and I were watching Japanime on television and an important character died. He had covered his head to avoid the deed, but could tell what had happened. I don't hide death from him. He watched his grandparents pass away. On some level knows that it is a fact of life.
  He turned to me and uncovered his head. He started to speak so I paused the show.
  "Dad, I, I miss grandma," he announced.
  "Me too," I cried.
  "I also miss Connie's  puppy."
  I stopped in mid-tear and asked, "What puppy?"
  "The one that you took back to Connie's."
  I laugh then. Causing my boy to slap my shoulder. He shocked me then.
  "Miss grandma more, and grandpa, too."
  I sometimes wonder if he understands my feelings or he is just planning with them. Either way it makes for a good story.

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