Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Ghost at the Game

  They say when a loved one leaves you, passing or just tired of you, for example, divorce. The average person goes through stages of grief. One of those stages that is less talked about is the stage that a person goes through were they seem to see the loved on everywhere they go. Unless you are a stocker and it is on purpose and doesn‘t really count towards our discussion. (You know who you are.)
  I went to a football game a few years ago at Quest field where the Seattle Seahawks play; or rather lose most of the time. I was just settling in when my eye caught a man a few rows ahead of me. He looked just like my dad right before he took his last breath.
You see he was a little green in completion do to his liver shutting down. Liver cancer will do that to you.
  So there I was enjoying some home-fries and a Jones soda. We had made the trip from Grandview, (200 miles by car) to see the Central Washington University vs. Western Washington University. It was a special event every year that draws over 20,000 fans. I enjoyed the game and I enjoyed seeing my dad again. It didn't matter to me that his face and body shape was on another man. He looked so much like my dad that I felt very emotional and close to my father again. He never visited Quest fields as we did to Safeco field back in 2001. (Last week’s story The Game.)
  I took pictures of my dad's double ganger at one point I noticed that he couldn’t be my dad. He was a western fan and my dad was definitely a central fan.
  Years later I was looking though those photos and I showed them to my brother.  He had lived with my parents just before dad passed and remembered him turning Green.  He just stared at the photos.
   I could see he was having difficulty with the images, he could see it was a football stadium and he could see his father in the photos. He was starting to think that I had altered the photographs.
  I started to laugh and told him the story.  He looked relieved because he couldn’t figure out how I got my dad to a football game, when he was supposed to be so sick. He liked the photos so much he wanted me to share.  This is my way of sharing.

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