Monday, December 20, 2010

My dog Oreo, Part 2

  My dog was less than a year old when I pick her up from the pound. She took to me like Velcro. We would take walks and watch TV together.  She was like a extra girlfriend, no really.
  If I drove a car she would sit up in the seat next to me and watch the world go by.  She would sit in the middle of the couch and growl if anyone tried to sit next to me. It was the same in the bedroom, she would sleep in between my wife and me. She was worse than my 6 year old son.
  She was smart for a dog. They say dogs can be as smart as a 5 year old.  My dog was a bit smarter than that.
  One day, I came home to find the dog treats on the floor and empty. They had been on the counter when I had left for work. I didn’t think anything about it until it happened again. The kitchen wasn’t large but the countertops were tall. Like 32 inches.  4 inches taller than most. I had a chair from the kitchen table sitting in the middle of the kitchen  and there was no way that Oreo could get on to the counter to get at the bag.  I didn’t have a cat back then go she didn’t have an accomplice. In later years, she had been know to use a feline accomplice, I only say that because I don’t want to write a retraction.
  So, I set a camera up to trap her. When I saw it I could believe it. She would go over to the table and push a chair over to the counter and then jump up on the chair. Then she would search the counter for treats and pieces of breakfast. When she jumped off the chair, she would launch the chair back towards the table.  I had taught her to do tricks but that was nothing compare to her problem solving ability.
  She was Benji smart.
  Once I couldn’t find her when I was packing for a trip. I finally found her in the truck of my car waiting to go. She is just lucky I was planning on taking her with me. She loved car rides. I had a convertible and she would ride on the rag top. Sitting as a parade princess only looking up to the admiration of her fans.

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