Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Red balloons

  My son came home the other night from the Cub Scouts with a balloon. I found out later, reading my wife’s post that he had received it playing a game at the end of the meeting. I watched him bounce it around keeping it in the air for a long time. He was quite good at it, in fact, I found myself joining in..
  It reminded me of the games that my parents would play while watching Television.. That was our family time. We would relax in front of the television sometime talking and sometimes bouncing balls in to the air. I know how silly it sounds but if there was a balloon in the room my entire family was keeping the
thing aloft with our fingers tips alone.
  It didn't stop at Balloons either we would throw balls and dog toys back and forth all while keeping track of the progression of the program. We didn‘t have the fast forward option that my wife and I have today.
  Soon the dogs would be running to retrieve the toys and tugs of war would start. It was a surprise if we watched anything at all from beginning to end.
  It was our way of sharing an evening and getting our minds off the days events. Back then we had one working television and two radios. It wasn't like it is today; at my house we have 6 high definition televisions ranging from 19 inch to 48 inch screens. It is funny I can remember my father saying the same thing about yesteryear.
"When I was a boy we didn’t have TVs in every house and we went to the neighbors to listen to the radio. And there was one channel. And we walked up hills both ways to school, in blizzard conditions and that was in July."
  Okay maybe he didn’t rattle on but he did say those things just at different time.
  One day my son will be telling his boy that his dad used to tell him how it was, but for now I am content bouncing the ball one more time and watching my son tap it back into the air.

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