Friday, December 24, 2010


  Our lives are like a puzzle. From when we are little we are giving pieces to that puzzle. Our parents start off by giving us our first pieces. Don’t do this or don’t to that. Some people would all them the boundaries or morals. For this, I call the borders to the puzzle of my life.
  As I grew, I received more pieces from my church, from my parents and even more from my school.  With help, I put them together and I ended up a full Border.  As I grew, a picture of my life started to form. Every experience added to this picture. The image grows clearer and clearer every year.
  From my first kiss to the kiss I received this morning from my wife. From the first time I walked to the last hike I took with my family.  It all added to the puzzle. Good things and bad things all coming together to form this image I have of the past. There are more than a few dark spots that I wish to forget that form the shadows and shade of my puzzle.
  Then there are the blank spots, you would hope they are pieces to come. But you know that they are missing. That lost friend, that child that was giving up, that charm that you lost that belonged to your father, and the many other missing pieces to our lives.  Maybe it is that top love on Miss Starks Heart to Heart. Maybe it’s the lost family member that went to war and never came home. Maybe it is pieces that were seemingly thrown away. Like a foster brother that you lost or even a silly as a pet. The pieces add up and you worry if you puzzle will ever be finished.
  If you have been reading my blog you will notice that I have been kind of a dark place lately. I miss my parents and friends. I whine about it all the time in my head. I miss those Christmas of yesteryear that my friends complain about today. I miss Christmas dinners, pies and fancy fudge. I miss financial stability that seems to be getting shaker these days. All this has added a lot of shading to my puzzle, making this a most shiny and dark Christmas.
  Then the other day, thanks to a little help form Google and Facebook. I found several of those pieces. It was like a presents from Santa. You know the ones. You come down from your bedroom and there next to the tree was that bike, that train, or that missing puzzle pieces you always wanted back. So thank you Santa, Google, Facebook, and God for granting my puzzle pieces from Christmas. I am a true believer in the Christmas Miracle once again.  So Merry Christmas to all of my Facebook friends, my family, my Brothers and sisters, my Florida family and my new family, my wife, my child, my stepchild, my missing child and my nephew , who I love like a son.

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