Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Flatmate's and Terrorist

  My brother went off to college when he was 18 years old. He packed his things in late August and headed to Everett Washington, getting a job a Denny’s and ending up in a nice Condo with a man that was studying to be a chief. It was cool visited him there in that Condo over looking the plush green environment. I fell in love with Seattle. I was young and didn’t know any better.
  Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with Seattle. It is very nice place to live as far as cities go, but for me that is the problem. I grew up where the speed limits are 25(and people drove them) and the people are not walking on the sidewalks two abreast.
  He must of like living there up until the Feds kicked the door in. He was asleep on a Saturday morning and heard a knock and then a boot hit the door. It wasn’t quite like the movies, but close. He made it to the hallway wrapped in a blanket just as the door flew off its hinges.
  Seconds later he stood toe to toe with several men pointing guns in his direction asking him to drop the blanket and raise his hands. It would have been fine if he we wearing anything underneath the blanket. Once the office controlled the area, everyone relaxed a little and he was allowed to get dressed under the watchful eye of a police officer. They asked who he was and why he was there. He noted at the time they wouldn’t tell him why they were there but to his defense they were the ones holding the guns.
   He went out and they were starting a search of the place. They man in charge asked him to leave.
  “I have no where to go,” answered my brother.
  “Go to breakfast,” ordered the man in charge.
  “I am broke,” answered my brother, watching the men turning the couch over and dumping things out of the cupboards.
  Without missing a beat, the man produced $20 bucks and said, “Go to breakfast.”
  He headed off to work keeping the man’s money. As he left he was amazed at how many police cars were in the small parking lot of his Condo. There was the Sheriff department, the police and several unmarked, FBI and probably ATF vehicles. His neighbors watched him leave. What they must have thought?
  Once he got to work he noticed that a unmark police car was in the parking lot watching him. He had thought it had been too easy.  They had thought that he would head over and warn his friend. But they were mistaken about my brother. He really didn’t know the man that he lived with. He like many people answered advertisement in the paper.
  Later, he found out he had been living with a man accused of several bombings in the Seattle and surrounding area. Back then they didn’t call them Terrorist. But that was exactly what he was. By the time he returned half of his flatmate’s property was gone and my brother’s things showed signs of being ran sacked. It had been a sting and he was lucking that the FEDs had known he wasn’t involved. He didn’t stay there long after that moving on to better pastures and less ATF officers.

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