Saturday, January 15, 2011


  It amazes me to think about how a single comment can spur such internal conversation. I am a writer, an author, an artist, and many other things. Zen moments for me don't really come often enough. When they do I wake up as if waking from a dream and time has past. Maybe 5 minute maybe an hour. I can say that I didn't pass out; I can remember what I did. First a feeling of joy comes over me and then one of sadness. Like withdrawals I wish I could return to that point in time at will.
  I have been told I am having experiencing Zen. I joke some times and say is that anything like a senior moment. I know these times are special and I can reach these points a few different ways. One is in a quiet room listen to Celtic instrumentals while relaxing with my eyes closed.
  The second way I experience Zen is the way that seemed to come easier and the most often of the occurrence, it is while driving my car on long trips. No radio, no conversation, just the open road. Soon I realize that time has pasted and I am miles from where I remember being. I have been told that Zen moments are nothing more than the right side of you brain taking over for the left.
  The right side of the brain is the creative side in charge of lying, art, dreaming and filling in when the left side shuts down.
  Now the left side is in charge of math, decisions and logic. It works in concert with the right but sometimes it decides this is boring and says, "Wake me up when it over."
  When I was younger I experienced Zen easiest when I was mowing the lawn. I go in descending circles as mow the lawn. At some point, I lose myself in the white noise and the absences of thought. I awake and the lawn is done and I leave my trimmed lawn wishing I had a bigger yard to mow. I miss Zen moment mowing days, I can't stand in the sun like I used to, I take medication that magnifies the sun's effects and I come to the point of heat stroke.
  Writing and art helps me reach my Zen/Happy place. I look up after what seems hour and I have put 1500 words on a page or drew something that was far beyond my talents. The hour turns out to be hours and I secretly wish I could do it again. Time had pasted but I can hardly believe how much has past.
   While in fact, I started a timer when I started this post. I have been typing for 39 minutes and it doesn't feel like 39 minute it feels like 10 or less. I have lost myself in a Zen moment just now and I feel relaxed and centered. If anyone would like me to explain the mental process of reach a Zen moment send me comments and I will write more on this topic.

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