Saturday, January 8, 2011


  Have you every been left on the side of the road? By someone or thing that your trusted. You feed it, you watered it and you only asked that it takes you from one place to another without breaking down. Yes, I am talking about my car.
  Yesterday, I started a line of thought of all the times my father had to put his shoes on and saved me.  Late at night, wind blowing snow sideways and me in a ditch. He only complained once. That was the last time I called him for the ditch removal. Oh, I didn't fault him for it.
  I had slipped off the road and it was cold. I walked to a farmhouse about a half of a mile and called my grumpy father. by the time, I had walked back to the car my dad pulled up. When he opened the window I could feel the warm air bursting from the cab. He reached out with a rope and motioned it over to my car. I fell in the snow as I walked back down the side of the ditch. He had me out on the first try.
  If a friend calls me in the middle of the night I may complain just like my father did, however, that didn't stop him from coming out in a blizzard to help me and it would stop me from helping someone. He would have done it for anyone really.  I like to think that if I know you enough that you have my phone number that I would be willing to get up in the middle of the night to bail you out. Speaking of bail, I once got a phone call from an ex-girl friend to come and bail her out. There are always exceptions to that rule of mine. I have to like you, before I put my shoes on and go out into the night.
  She was surprised when I said, “No, I don’t think so.” I am just glad she didn’t know my parent’s phone number. Dad would have gotten up and bailed her out. He might not even have called me.
  Take the biggest problem that anyone has every helped you with and then ask yourself, “Would I have helped someone else out that much?” I know the answer because I have been in that position. Given the choice to leave a stranger on the side of the road. Yes, I stop for people in distress. I get up for people that need me. Not because I want anything in return but because it is what I have been taught by my father and it is what his father taught him.
  So when my son is stuck in a ditch I will go out and think of how it felt when I was in his place. I will hand him the rope and make him hook us up. Slowly, I would pull him from the ditch and make him crawl out to unhook us. He was teaching me if I could get into the ditch I needed to learn to get myself out.

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