Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cheeseburgers and chocolates

  Life was simple back in high school. Oh, I can remember thinking that each day was to end all days. I can remember feeling like it was just enough to get through the day without someone picking on me.  I hated most things about school. I did my best but I was very self-conscious when I was younger. I tried to do my best but when I failed I felt all eyes upon me.
   Why do we go through life believing that?  That failure means everything and fear what people will say. I can remember my parents saying not to where red on Thursdays. If I did it meant I was telling everyone that I was gay.  It was a hold over from the 50's. This happened so offered I stopped wearing red all together.
  I can remember in my high school, if a guy wore an earring on the right side he was saying to the world look at me, I am gay. But what does that tell my about myself. I was just as bad as everyone else. I would have been first to point out a right earring wearing peer.
  Now life is different. I am not that self-conscious about anything but maybe my weight. I go to work and do my best to please my employers. I follow the laws of my community. I help with my family and try to help my friends as much as a can help.
  Tom Hanks in the movie Forest Gump said it best, "Life is like a box of Chocolates, you never know what you are going to get." My life has been like that, I have been to the other side and looked back. I have been homeless, I have been alone, and it changes nothing. I have bit into my box of chocolates and choked on what I found.
  I guess what I am getting at if I wouldn't have taken that first bit of chocolate I would never have left Sunnyside, I would never have gone to the city, never have went to Central Washington University, never did everything that needed to be done. So I could meet the love of my life and have a great child. So I could live in a great house, literally my dream house. We went to a real-state agent and described a house and this was the house that she picked out for us. My dream home was a beautiful house in a nice neighborhood across from a park. Will I live here for the rest of my live? I might or I might not. I don't know what my next bite of chocolate will bring. Will it be a lovely favor or a nasty concoction? I don't know.
  All I know is life is too short to swallow cheeseburgers every time life gets stressful. I will work on this in the future and maybe just maybe, call a doctor if I do have a heart attack. (Read Cheeseburger on this Blog)

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