Sunday, January 9, 2011


  When I was growing up my dad would watch football on Sundays and I would be there at his feet with my toys watching with him. He enjoyed watching the Seahawks until he had came to the conclusion that every time he spent the day watching them; they would lose.
  It got so bad that he wouldn't even listen to then on the radio. Unless they were in the playoffs. I grew up believing that my father controlled the Seahawks destiny. That he alone could alter the fact if they won or lost.
  I still have that feel about the Seahawks I hear that they are winning. Now, I am not just any fair weather fan. I enjoy a good game. Yesterday, I had planned to edit one of my Novel's with a friend. As we readied the large computer monitor. We heard that the Hawks were ahead in their wildcard match up against last years Superbowl champs the Saints.
  I turned the channel ignoring that little voice in the back of my head. It was telling me to avoid the game and give them a chance to win. I wasn't surprise when the Saints came back and closed the gap in the score. I have see this happen many times while watching my favorite team.
  The announcers were obviously Saints fans. My friends shouted to mute them and just watch the game. I didn't enjoy the announcers description of my favorite team. It was much easier to watch the game, muted.
  Win or lose, it was all the Hawk's in the fourth quarter when Marshawn Lynch broke free and I screamed like a teenage girl at a Miley Cyrus concert. One of my friends yelled and pointed the screen. Matt Hasselbeck the Hawks quarterback was there, four feet behind the Lynch throwing blocks half way down the field. I was surprised to hear he was looking to leave. We could tell at that point he wasn't thinking of himself. He was a teenager running to protect his teammate. It was nice to see a man at the twilight of the career looking like he was the top of his game. If he does leave the Seahawks he will look back at this game and will think this was one of his best games.
  As the game clock ran down the announcers turned into Hawks’ fans. Now that is the definition of far weather fans. My team came into wildcard Saturday as the underdogs having a losing record but still managing to win their division; something that has never been done.
  They came into the yesterday’s game losers and left as winners. This win was very inspiring if you think about it. The Saints didn't get that easy victory. The Hawks didn't lie down and let the Saints walk over them. They showed one of the best teams that it isn't over until it is over.
  Thanks, goes out to the Hawks for a great game that I won't forget. There in front of my flat screen with my son watching the Seahawks get the job done.

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