Friday, January 14, 2011

To let it go

  Over the years I have been taught to try to let thinks go. I know in the past I have talked about stress, but what I am referring to is when someone or thing attacks you, sometimes it is best to let it go. In my case I try to let most things go. But there are the moments in my life that stick to my insides. (Yes, like cheeseburgers)
  Take the time that my family went to Utah for a family reunion. I went with my parents on the trip. My brother was at that age when he wanted to stay home and mind the fort. It was good to see everyone and we like the Lake that they had picked for the reunion itself. I was high up into the mountains almost touching the cloud themselves. It would have turned out to be a great 4 days if it wasn't for my brother getting attacked in the back yard of my parents home.
  He heard a noise walked out the back door and made it just to the shop when someone hit him over the head with a 2x4. He woke up an hour later and called the police. It was a frightful thing to happen when we were so far away. Being that we weren't in the age of cell phones; we only found out about it because someone from the police station called the ranger station.
  I was mad, upset, and I felt violated. I must admit that I went for a walk to work things out. My parents decided to stay one more day and that kind of pissed me off. I wanted to get home and make sure he was indeed, okay. We heard from him and he told his story. Someone broke in to my dad's shop and burglarized thousands of dollars worth of tools, and then put there own lock on the door. It was a shiny lock, new. The police had no idea that someone had robbed my parents. Until my older brother discovered the new lock that have been placed on the door by the robbers.
  I ran from the camper and into the woods angry with everyone. That is when a wise man told me that I needed to let this anger go. The feeling of anger I had told everyone. It would get me no where. I need to wait and see what happened.
  So when every something goes bad in my life. Let say a friend turns on me or someone says something that hurts me I let that kind of stress go. I try to wait and see just how bad it is before chow-ing down on the bit of stress. The man that taught me that helped me more than he would everyone. I looked back on that talk and I can remember his eyes, they were like the eyes of an eagle. When it came time to name my son there was no other name that I could have given him that would have been more fitting that that of the Darrel Farnworth.
   That weekend he taught me that drinking beer didn’t make you a man. So I try to let things go, to let them be, until I find out what is really going on. Then make an informed decision on what to do next. As I get older I have every talked to my support group of friends and asked opinions on what to do. It helps if you don't make decisions that burn bridges, and build fences, until you know what to do.
   I guess I am just trying to get the point across to who ever is reading this, read it over and over until you do understand. It may make life a great deal better. I would also press upon my son to read this when he is older. Don’t let the little things that come against you, hurt you. There is a lot to be said for the saying, "Sticks and stones will break my bone and words will never hurt me.”  Just know tomorrow is another day that leads to the rest of your life.

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