Sunday, October 17, 2010

Watch Out Linda Knows Karate

     She smiled and limped off in to the living room. So watch out my sister knows Karate. She passed away 5 years ago from cancer, a few years before my dad and mom. When she passed away she left no debts and no troubles. She only had family members who loved her. I don't practice Tae Kwon Do anymore, but I would like to think that my sister does.
  When I was in college, living in Seattle I learned Tae Kwon Do. I eventually earned a black belt and taught in a small school in Toppenish. That was almost twenty years ago and I being in my forties miss the good old days.
  That was the same time of my life that I went home for the weekends. One weekend I came home to I find my sister, Linda on the couch enjoying my parent’s hospitality. I worked out seven days a week so even though I was home I still exercised practiced my forms and stretched.
  My sister who was ten years older, watched on quietly to one side. When I was done she walked up and said that I was invited to join my parents for dinner. I even back then never turn down a meal.
  The evening progressed and my dad and I came around to the discussion about Tae Kwon Do. My sister must have heard the discussion. As I talked to my dad, I worked on the dishes, about the time the dishes were done Linda walked in from the living room, mom followed behind.
  As she came closer she grabbed a door knob and the counter. She declared, "I know Karate, too." Before anyone knew what she was up to she kicked her right foot high into the air, which looked like a great front kick until her left foot came off the floor. Spinning around and crashing to the ground head first. We came over and we're quickly pushed away. She stood up and declared that she would try it again.
We all uniformly screamed, "Not again"

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