Thursday, October 21, 2010

How I Learned Sex ED on My Back

   Okay, I know how it sounds. So please bear with me. I was standing in my kitchen yesterday having a word with my nephew. He had a funny story about Sex Ed.
Briefly; He asked his Sex ED teacher, “What is Cincinnati Bowtie?” I don’t recommend anyone looking up the answer to that particular question, and you won’t hear the definition from me.
   Well anyways, I told him I learned Sex Ed on my back. He laughed and started for his room. I told him “No really!!” The door slammed and the conversation ended.
   I have decided to explain in my Blog, because I can’t run as fast as my nephew. When I was in school the gym teacher taught Sex ED. He had a hard (no pun intended) time with the subject. I can remember heading into the class, finding a place to sit and the teacher up at the black board writing “SEX EDUCATION” in bold letters. The laugher started and believe it or not, it was contagious. It spread like VD (Okay pun intended).
   “Okay, Gentleman, You will sit in your seat and stay quiet.” he yelled over the laughter.
   We quieted down and he started in again. He explained about hygiene and about the reproductive system. We were about half was through the self love section of the class when the laughter started once again. It didn’t help that he broke up, first cracking a smile and then and out right laugh. The rest of the class erupted as an uncontrollable riot, until he slammed the book on the table. Turned out he wasn’t laughing with us; he was just decided how he was going to torture us.
   “Clear the desks from the middle of the room, and lie down,” he yelled.
We lay on the floor and calmed down for the most part. “You will learn the material without laughing,” he commanded. I laid there looking up at him with a crook in my neck. He continued, “If anyone laughs, everyone will raise their legs until I say they can stop.”
   The class continued and low and behold someone in the back smirked. Just one smirk was enough to set the gym teacher off. “Okay, raise your legs.” The laughter stopped and the teacher continued. The pain was getting quite intense by the time he said, “Lower your legs, and stay quiet.”
   He rinsed and repeated that teaching method for them most of the day. I am not sure I how much I learned lying there, but that is how I learned Sex ED on my back.
   Hopefully, my nephew reads this post, oh I am wondering what he was thinking.

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  1. "oh I am wondering what he was thinking"

    Beats me... Lmao. I love inventive teachers though.... And I trust you managed to figure out the basics right? Although I heard you guys get it confused with "doing the dishes", (or was it the laundry?.... LOL