Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Darrel's first cub scout meeting.

  Last night I was tasked to take Darrel to his first cub scout meeting. When we left for the meeting he struggled with the idea. He was upset about going, more nervous than anything else. We left a few minutes before the meeting and stopped just outside the church, where the meeting was being held. He looked up and realized that it was where he went to Pre-school. He related all good things with this place. He started to get excited about cub then.
  It was held in the cafeteria, and like all church cafeterias it is mostly white, well lit, and has a screened counter hiding the kitchen somewhere in the back.
  I only mention this because 20 minutes waiting for the meeting to start was like a year in kid years. He moved around in his chair and spoke up every few minutes asking. "When are they going to start?” he moaned.
  I really didn't know what to say, I was bored, too. I have learned over the years not to let him know that.
The meeting started, he learned about the pledge, he watched them carry the flags around. I watched him, he really seem disinterested in the whole thing.
  I sat there thinking should I sign him up. Finely, I filled out the form and paid the money. I figured if we never went to another meeting we would as least have given the money to a good cause.
  I then learned that I would be the cub leader of my own child. I thought great then I could teach him something. This excited me a little.
  Returning to the table, I watched him, moving around in his seat, he looked bored.
  The meeting was soon over and he received his first token, a Cub Scout base ball cap hat. Picture will follow, he was SO Cute.
  As we left he looked up at me and announced that he thought that the meeting was really cool and he couldn't wait to start.
  I looked down at the little man, and I learning something from him. Even though he looked like he wasn't paying attention, he was and I can't wait to work with him on something beside video games.

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