Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dressed up for Halloween

  My feelings about Halloween have always been mixed at best. My parents were frugal as I have mentioned before in earlier posts. This particular holiday brings back memories of coffee stains and plaid ghosts.
  I wanted to be a ghost one Halloween and my mother went into the closest and dug out a sheet with a mysterious coffee colored stain that resembled a large flower. Seconds later with a little imagination, I was a ghost. I remember it must have been 1979 and dad took me out to trick-or-treat up on the hill. (An area referring to the good side of my hometown of Sunnyside.)
  It was dark and I couldn’t see so dad cut a hole in the top of my costume and pulled my head through it. Later the wind started to blow and my sheet started to look like a more like a cape. Upset I went back to the car and he gave me his belt. He had to wrap it around twice before it would stay on properly. It had a large buckle with a silver dollar imbedded in the metal.
  I caught up with my group and everything was fine for a while until I got cold under that little sheet of mine. I couldn’t do much for my face, so I went back to the car and put my coat on. It was the seventies and plaid was in, I only say this because I had this little plaid coat.
  I went back to Trick-or-treating. The group had left me moving on to the next block. So I went up to the next house by myself.
  My dad pulled up to his son in tears.
  “What happened?” he called from across the street.
  “They said I look like a girl,” I cried out. There I stood on the side of the road. With my rosy cheeks, flowered skirt and red coat with matching belt. The funny part was dad made me go to a few more houses including my Aunts house.
  I have never seen the pictures and never want to either.

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